Monday, May 26, 2008

Fun time

#1 & 5 Did a good job of practicing every day, and stayed for a Yoga class on Saturday... tried my best but my foot was cramping and legs felt really fatigued.

#90 Set a book free on an exercise bike. Check out my "available" books... that I'd love to share!

#72 Started a date night! Hubby's idea to fire up the grill and make fajitas together. We played bags in the back yard. When it got cool as the sun went down... rented a movie with hubby's instructions to pick one that had a lot of action with stuff that blows up or something. I got PS I love You hehehe (the girls and I watched it Sunday) and The Last Samurai was our date night movie. It was fun.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lucky 78, The Score

No, #78 isn't so very lucky and it's not a very good bowling score... with shiny new ball and shoes... but it was the prize winning number. Winning the whole pot! Nice way to finish out the season huh? =D

#1 and 5 at It was a sub and found myself being critical and no matter how many times I said "just shut-up!" to my busy mind *grrrr* ...I couldn't ...even though there were many positive things about class to focus on. She used a great mantra during breath... just (inhale), this (exhale).

#34 REPERTOIRE hehehe Thanks Gail T!

#75 Went to visit C at her new job... got some ice cream and left her a big tip. Also keeping the talk lines open... yeesh teens and tweens can get so busy and kinda crabby.

Thanks Cassandra for the mention of "Wild in the Wind" checked Essential Nina 2 and it's not on there. :S This is a link to a great clip of it. I do remember it... completely awesome highly emotional... maybe they used it to create the Score in Point of No Return (what do you think Leah?). Got a pretty good ear... but it's so hard to articulate what I'm hearing.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Electric Boobs...

That’s what we (my best friend in grade school and me) thought Elton John was singing in the song Benny and the Jets. The girls and I watched 27 Dresses for some Q-time (#75) and there was a cute scene that reminded me of her. Emailed her (#78) this link and we took a fun trip down memory lane. Here are the real lyrics. Never would have guessed most of those words… Did you know ‘em?

#1 Been keeping up with practice with the exception of last Thursday… very disappointed to have missed a day already… figured if something came up like an illness there were always restorative poses to keep this goal manageable… but trying to chalk the whole thing up to a learning experience. Finding each Thursday to be the hardest day to get it in for some reason... just going to try and be a little more mindful.

#30 Still kicking around the idea of consulting with Shannon and met with Pam (#31) on Thursday… also tried to do some research on my own and found some articles online: Making a fitness video, selling books/CDs/DVDs on amazon. It’s a start. ;)
Pam is wonderful! She treated me to a nice lunch at Sweet Tomatoes and presented her ideas for making a Yoga video. She seems to have every confidence in me and is willing to put herself out on a limb quite a bit as far as production costs. There is a severe case of monkey mind going on here… swinging back and forth between excitedly planning this project out and thoughts of self-doubt. :S With nearly seventeen hundred Yoga titles available on Amazon and the realization that this video will not likely be the next Tae Bo… I better be certain that I know why I’m doing this.

Made friends via email with Abby Lentz who has a Yoga studio in TX and was quoted in a recent online article. We have been corresponding about Yoga for heavier people (her expertise) and coincidentally she is working on her second video! Her first video is: HeavyWeight Yoga: Yoga for the Body You Have Today!

#33 (Adding an aqua class) might be more important than I originally thought, it’s just so tiring to even think of adding another format to my repituar (and I still don’t know how to spell repituar #34). Received an advertisement in the mail for Five Seasons Sports Club… they have a pool and offer aqua classes. Surfed their site and may submit a resume… not really sure it’s so near me, it shows up on google as only 5 miles at 11 minutes… doubting that is accurate… maybe if there is no traffic at all and no trains. Maybe I’ll drive out and clock it. Anyway, it looks nice and the pay scale might be good. Plus many resorts want an aqua class if I’m going to make #38 and #40 happen. One of my apprehensions is also that my voice is so soft… there is no microphone, not sure even with polishing up the non-verbal cues (#39… been trying) I can pull it off. Diana said her voice carried well in the pool area though… she was concerned too but it echoes in there. Saw her for her fair-well dinner party (#35… well, close enough).

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stars and Magic

The horoscope looks okay... but something in the stars sure feels strange to me. Maybe I should ask mom my time of birth and see what the rising sign is trying to pull.
Thinking of asking my boss to post some etiquette guidelines on the group-x door... people just seem to think they should be able to barge into class doing their own thing and being very disruptive... chased someone out today and Thursday. :S
#1 and #5 Stayed after for Yoga. =D
#75 Had a really nice chat with my youngest and some hugs. Oldest had a Snowflurry (grade school level... she helped with) event and then started her first day at her new job.
For some odd reason I got this song stuck in my head... it gave me such a taste for it... had to seek it out (I don't have any Olivia Newton John CDs or anything). Does that ever happen to you?
Anyway, here it is.... Magic

Wow this is so 80s lol.
Hey, I use to wear my hair sort of like that! I'll prove it...

Toldja! I even wore headbands... man I was cool. :P

Friday, May 9, 2008

Stars lining up

Ugh, a horrible thing happened after the brief update yesterday. Someone tried to steal my identity. :S
Ya know how I had opened that new account and signed up for direct deposit? Well, I got an email from the bank saying reaffirm your information since users from more than one computer have been trying to log-in to the account with several failed password attempts.
It was a phishing scam and I totally fell for it.
Spent today closing out all of our accounts changing all our pw cutting up our cards... putting fraud alerts on our credit... what a nightmare.
Here's what you can do...
Don't give out any sensitive info by phone or email
Don't follow any links to your banking site... type in the url in the address bar
Don't put your pw in a pop-up window
When you type in your pw it should look like *** not 123
Your bank will never ask you for your pw or pin
If your address bar says phishing site... um that's not good! (mistook this for blocking any phishing)
Just sick with worry after this happened and couldn't eat. Finally settled down and ate late and then realized... never got to my #1 thing (asana) and by then it wouldn't be good an a full stomach. Grrr... so now what? Maybe it'll be 1000/1001 I guess. :S
Was telling hubby it's been such a weird day and I wonder what my horoscope said... the stars must be lining up in a strange way for me. He says my horoscope musta said "be mean to hubby all day" HA HA.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Keeping up with number one and practicing each day (shoot... except today, I'll have to hit it before bed).
The only other thing that really moves me forward on the list is #31 lunch pencilled in with Pam for next Thursday.
Yikes, now looking at #32... really wanted to hit Diana's class for this, but thought there would be a bit more time. :S
Since the doctor said there are probably adhesions on my feet and the plantar fascia are tight... been stretching and using this arch-mate massager three or four times a day and it seems to be helping... so at least something good came out of it.
That's about it... really boring, sorry. :P

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Let the Sunshine In

It's a gorgeous sunny day and Hubby and my youngest are out throwing ribs on the barbie. :D

Feeling much better... thanks for your words of support! Starting to see ways to do the things that might be hard. It's meant to be challenging right? We have to find a way to commit to what is important to us... kinda the point... whada ya think?

#1 and #5 Went to a 90 minute Yoga class at Yoga Among Friends... and feel really GREAT! This is much better for the body then my usual Sunday type activities that include; playing spades on an online league, visiting all my favorite websites, creating new choreography for classes (searching threw videos on YouTube or surfing TurnStep in other words sitting all day).

#75 Rented Juno, and we'll watch that with dinner... plus we had hugs and chats.

KK... time to eat and have that Q-time. :P

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Here Comes the Sun- Nina Simone

For inspiration! I love her soulful voice.

Where is the sun?

Just when the Sun tarot card came up and I was feeling very happy with the thought that everything is kinda going my way... life got so bumpy and some of the things on the big list seem harder, if not impossible. Plus, it's very gloomy out so just wondering, "where is the sun?”

Didn't really have time for blogging this week... but so you know, I did peek at the progress on your lists and responded to some comments... posted the pretty sun card.

Here's what I worked on...

#1 Asana.
*Monday, 10 minutes after morning classes (longer but can't remember exactly).
*Tuesday, 10 minutes after morning classes (kept it short to make a lunch date).
*Wednesday, 10 minutes between morning and noon time classes (in the sauna... practicing up for Bikram :P)
*Thursday, *sigh* did the "
Morning cup of Yoga" routine twice (took a nap before evening class) but really can't count that since it's mixed with stopping to; drink tea... go to bathroom... pack my bag for work... it just doesn't count. Promised to practice before bed after checking out your blogs and did for about 15 minutes.
*Friday, hubby's b-day and doctor's appointment for #88 (tell ya about that in a second) ugh, no time between morning and noon classes... and then I talked and talked and talked to one of my favorite members after class (forgetting my intention to practice then... but she's making a 101 list!). So once again hitting it before bed for 15 minutes.
*Saturday, stayed after step class for a Yoga class, but for only 15 minutes since hubby wanted to go b-day present shopping.

#29 and #30 The group exercise networking site is not running... marked it off my list for now (not really taking credit for it per say... if he gets it going could join or find another way of networking). His wife,
Shannon is a fitness presenter and has offered to consult about making a video. Considering it... depending on the fee... she has a lot of experience and has made several videos.

#35 One of my favorite instructors, who has also been a mentor and a dear friend is now moving out of state so it's unlikely we will get to make a video together. :S

#5 Attending a class each week is going to get a lot harder with my friend moving... Picking up another class on Saturday... usually stay and participate now staying to teach. It's good, and on the occasions I subbed this class I figured I could go to some other classes that sound cool... but every week? Not sure it's doable? Didn't even really do it this week and now it's got to fit in sometime tomorrow.

#37 Yikes! Will someone hire me for just Tuesdays? Was thinking of putting Saturday on the chopping block too since it was only one class... Tuesday there are two in a row, but far away.

#75 Has been more of a daily thing than weekly (spending time with each of the girls). I still kinda feel guilty about taking credit for it since we didn't do anything spectacular. The intention was to really dedicate time to them. Talk to them (well, listen really), and it's been good. This week my oldest has been gone almost every day. :S Better get some quality time in tomorrow.

#88 Went in for a consult on new orthotics. Did this really cool foot-scan thing. Went back for the follow-up and laid down a plan of action. It all sounded great... until we got to the part about what my insurance would cover. I was literally in tears. "The cost of health" they say. "It's worth it and I know I can help you" they say. "Health and wellness are on a continuum... you're either moving toward wellness or away from it" I hear. Forty dollars and two and a half hours of my time gone, left with shattered hopes and the realization that they simply don't accept my insurance. We have great benefits in network.

#72 Hubby wants to have a date night. We figure once a month opposite our bowling night. We also picked a couple off the waiting list to be our new teammates for bowling #69 (but we haven't told them yet... shhhh).

Wanna see my new bowling shoes?

And ball?

Hubby's b-day and he bought me presents. :P

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Sun

You are The Sun

Happiness, Content, Joy.

The meanings for the Sun are fairly simple and consistent.

Young, healthy, new, fresh. The brain is working, things that were muddled come clear, everything falls into place, and everything seems to go your way.

The Sun is ruled by the Sun, of course. This is the light that comes after the long dark night, Apollo to the Moon's Diana. A positive card, it promises you your day in the sun. Glory, gain, triumph, pleasure, truth, success. As the moon symbolized inspiration from the unconscious, from dreams, this card symbolizes discoveries made fully consciousness and wide awake. You have an understanding and enjoyment of science and math, beautifully constructed music, carefully reasoned philosophy. It is a card of intellect, clarity of mind, and feelings of youthful energy.

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