Monday, April 21, 2008

Kimz's Big List

My list of 101 things to complete in 1001 days.
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My start date: Monday, April 21, 2008
My finish date: Monday, January 17, 2011

Watch my progress (I will try to blog often)
Things I'm working on will be colored in purple
Items completed will be listed in red

Here we go...

Yoga Practice
001. Practice Asana (poses) daily for at least 10 minutes (68/1001) (???/1001 ugh!)
002. Practice
Raja Yoga daily for four consecutive weeks (0/28)
003. Get up early to practice asana first thing each morning for one week
004. Practice asana twice daily (morning and evening) for one week
005. Attend a class (other formats permissible) once per week (5/143...5 of 6) reevaluating This goal will continue at a rate of once per month (12/ 31)
006. Try
Bikram Yoga 2 times (0/2)
007. Practice 108
sun salutations during a Solstice (June 20, 2008, June 21, 2009 or 2010 December 21, 2008, 2009 or 2010)
008. Practice
Karma Yoga at least sixteen times, around every other month or so. (15/16)
009. Master the "
010. Master "
011. Find a mentor to begin an in depth study of the
Yoga-Darsana with
012. Practice each of the
Yamas for a full week (0/5)
013. Practice each of the Niyamas (click Yamas above for more info) for a full week (0/5)
014. Go to a
Power Yoga master class/workshop given by Bryan Kest
015. Attend the
Midwest Yoga Conference

Old Business
016. Close checking account
017. Discover amount to donate to
American Red Cross
018. Send bank check to Red Cross
019. Sell/donate/discard inventory and clean out that area of the basement
020. Purge paperwork
021. File away any necessary paperwork

Career Advancement
022. Complete Yoga (level two) certification in 2008 2009, Completed 3-29-09
023. Complete Yoga (level three) certification in 2009 or 2010.
024. Take AFAA CEUs during APEX, February 2009 (Midlife Fitness for Women)
025. Re-certify for AFAA April 2009
026. Re-certify for CPR AED November 2008
027. Re-certify for CPR AED November 2010
028. Re-certify for First Aid by February 2011
029. Check out John’s new networking site and possibly join (Face Book instead)
030. Get feedback from the presenters I know about making a video

031. Go out to lunch with
Pam and discuss creating a Yoga video/audio and bio/audition
032. Visit an aqua class
033. Consider adding aqua classes to my repituar (if so, ask colleagues for format tips, take CEUs, and possibly certify)
034. Learn how to spell repituar REPERTOIRE thanks Gail T ;)
035. Go to lunch with Diana, see if she would want to make a video with me (nix the video idea)
036. Find out if there is any interest in a bilingual exercise video or think of other ideas
037. Audition for classes near me at higher pay rates (3 leads 4/3)
038. Look into
NRG2GO or similar companies and possibly submit an audition video
039. Brush up on non-verbal cues and learn a little Spanish for Yoga cues (goes with #38)
040. Take a working vacation! Woohoo (contingent upon #38)
041. Read at least 16 of the books that are on
my "to-read" shelf on Good Reads pertaining to work (5/16)
042. Add a really good Joseph Pilate’s book to my "to-read" list
043. Look for better music mixing software and learn how to use it
044. Make music mixes
045. Make music for Jim
046. Review Capoeira booklet and add some moves to
Total Body Classes
047. Remember the "they don’t know what they don’t know" mantra for those times when I feel frustrated that participants are using poor form (just for total body... it's only frustrating since there is really no time to correct form... the whole class is timed out to music and there are only 4 reps of each exercise)
048. Check out newbies form before class

049. Refinish kitchen set
050. Reupholster chairs
051. Kitchen cabinets: clean/paper/purge/reorganize (3/25)
052. Bathroom cabinet as above
053. Paint kitchen
054. Refinish Door
055. Replace broken pane
056. Try a shoji screen look for the panes
057. Paint end tables and create mosaic tile tops (0/3)
058. Build additional shelf for entertainment unit and tile it
059. Buy and install a new curtain rod for bedroom
060. Try to paint a faux-metallic finish on bedroom shelf
061. Organize movies CDs and games
062. Reposition coat-hooks in mud room
063. Find out when the hazardous material drop-off is and take advantage of it
064. Mark our calendar for a weekend cleaning the basement (get help doing this and plan something as a reward)
065. Have a garage sale

Fun and Travel
Adler Planetarium
067. Wisconsin Dells
068. Tropical Vacation
069. Get new bowling partners
070. Stay an over-night downtown
071. Visit a casino boat

072. Start a date night
073. Start a family night
074. Read
Surviving your Adolescents (again) make notes, set date to return, return it
075. Set time aside for each of the girls each week (10/143)
076. Write a letter to Mom, quarterly (1/11)
077. Read
Giving the Love that Heals
078. Write cards or notes to people I happen to be thinking of (2/?)
079. Surprise hubby and bring him lunch

080. Open new account
081. Get direct-deposit
082. Pay off the living room set Sep 2008

083. Save for vacations

084. Read
6-pack abs
085. Lose enough weight to see my tummy muscles (I know they’re there!)
086. Get a mammogram
087. *Private
088. Consult with doctor about new orthotics GOT 'EM!

Karma Yoga
089. Donate children’s books (check out the camel thingy)
090. Set at least one book free per month through
BookCrossing (21/33)
091. Donate books to our local library
092. Donate shoes to Good Will
093. Pay anonymously for someone
094. Use Karma Yoga cards for other ideas
095. Offer to help with/do an item off someone else’s list (1/?... it's too fun to stop doing)
096. Do something nice for our heroes at the Police Department
097. Do something nice for our heroes at the Fire Department
098. Clean up all the garbage I can see at the highway exit ramp near work
099. Do at least 3 things to live greener (2/3)
100. Donate $5 to charity for each item not completed on this list
101. Make a new list?


Latharia said...

AWESOME!!!!! :D I am so thrilled you're playing & your list looks great. I can hardly wait to see you checkin' things off!!! :D

Latharia said...

YAY! You completed closing your bank account & opening a new one! I know you've been meaning to do that for AGES!

Bethany said...

Wow! I am impressed! Your list is nicely varied and also ambitious. I love that you included book crossing and good reads!

I hope you enjoy the Bikram's - it was not my favorite by a long shot, but so many people absolutely love it.

Leah said...

You have a great list as well! :)
I love how you have so many yoga goals. My friend and I recently started attending yoga classes at our campus rec center and really enjoy it. You seem super knowledgable and any suggestions/resources you know of would be awesome!

Latharia said...

Give me some warning when you get around to #65 ... maybe I'll have enough stuff to add, bring over my own table, and hang out with you! :D

Shanti said...

Thanks for commenting on my list. I take some of these things for granted and I'm not getting younger so having this list is a reminder for me to actually DO IT!! I like your goals listed under household, relationships and health. It definitely inspired me to add some to my list to finish it off... hehe... Good luck!

Bethany said...

I did it!!! I made my list.

shalles said...

Wow! Looks like you have a great start on your list! I hope you accomplish all your goals. I can't believe how motivated I've been to work on the items on my list since I've started!

Hanssie said...

Thanks for checking out my list!

#34 - a Moleskine is a notebook - almost a community of its own!

#84 - Great! Then I could cross one off :)

pyravon said...

Thanks for looking at my list, yours looks great, good luck with all of it, especially living greener, must be hard!


Hanna said...

Hey, Thanks for your comment.
I hope, free hugs will be fun. I want to do it with a friend of mine, who also does this 101 things stuff. We're both like very weird...
I don't want to do an IQ-test online, cause I had a lot of bad experience with that and I want to do that very professionally. I already did a test 3 years ago, and I just want to know, wether there's a change... and also I can study in germany 1 year for free, if I get an IQ higher than 130, and therefore I can't do it online, but thanks anyway.

Geocaching is a really funny game. It started I think in the 19th century, when a person decided, you should be able to proof, you climed a mountain or something. and now there are lots of boxes anywhere in the world. You can find them via GPS, the coordinates you can look up on there are hundreds of thousands in the world and its very funny to search and find them. It's free, so just try it. I love it.
Good luck with your list!

Hanna said...

I just saw, you do Bookcrossing. Geocaching is quite similar, but you find boxes and just exchange something, instead of taking it. You can put something in and take something out. actually bookcrossing and geocaching are nearly the same. And both fun.

ninadelamorte said...

Thanks for your comment on my list.

Yours has some great stuff on it. Yay1 for yoga!

Good luck.


Gail T. said...

hi kimz! thanks for visiting and commenting on my list. yours looks good and you're ticking them off quite nicely too. :D

bibimbap, can be translated as mixed rice, is a Korean dish. it's very healthy and delicious with veggies, meat, rice and a special red pepper sauce. i'll post a picture of mine as soon as i can get them uploaded. :D

i'll help you with #34 and i checked it on merriam webster: repertoire. from late latin via french, which explains why its pronunciation doesn't match the spelling. :)

good luck on the rest of your list.

Cassandra said...

Hi Kim,

Nice list! I particularly like your yoga goals... most of the stuff you mention I don't know at all, e.g. I don't know what 'raja yoga' or 'karma yoga' is, and with 'bikram' I just have a vague idea. But they all sound very interesting!

Loads of good luck wishes from me, I'll be following your journey.

Isabel said...

Great list! i'm inspired to tweak a few of my goals. For your #99, i found a great site that may help you: here
It has a bunch of tips for going green. :)

Chava said...

I *love* that your good deeds section is Karma Yoga; that's such a beautiful thing. : ) A wonderful list!

kathbot said...

Thanks for visiting my list ( - I don't have it listed on my profile so family members can't see what I'm working on for them)!

I really enjoyed reading your list. I haven't done Bikram Yoga per se, but really enjoyed a class I took that heated the room to about 95 degrees for our practice. I'll be interested to hear what you think about the real thing.

crs said...

I really like #98. I live next to a highway, and every Sunday morning I see lots of trash from Saturday night's joyriders who like to throw out their beer bottles and cigarette butts. I think I'll add an alternate task to clean the grassy area next to the highway (as best as I can) every Sunday for one month.

Sab said...

Nice list! Thanks for visiting mine! I see you are big into yoga... that's something I'd love to try... wonder if I should make my list 102 in 1001... lol

Amazing how writing these things down makes you want to do them!!

Good Luck!