Wednesday, April 22, 2009

#3 DONE! Got up early for a week to practice Yoga… in fact finishing week three! This has been a wonderful habit and great way to get my daily practice in. Just didn’t think that with all the classes I teach this would be manageable. But even with 5 classes on a given day… been still getting my practice in AND working out! Still too hard to tally mark #1 :S
#5 Yoga Among Friends and Bryan Kest at home (4)
#19 gave inventory away as a gift… still more to purge but it’s a start.
#22 DONE! Completed Yoga Fit Level 2 training! It also helped to bring me back to my own practice and journal daily.
#25 (almost) DONE! Have met all the criteria for my AFAA cert… just waiting for it to come in the mail.
#45 DONE! Burned a CD for Jim (actually 2… should I take double credit?)
#59 DONE! The curtains are hung!
#86… got a prescription for a mammogram… now I just have to schedule it strategically so it’s after that tender time of the month… and I’m a little scared… been putting it off. :S

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I hope everyone is doing well! :D
A few things to tick off:

#22 Delighted to have registered for YogaFit Level 2 training for the last weekend of March!

#24 DONE! Took advantage of the AFAA Apex and completed a workshop for CEUs all day Sunday, February 8th. It was called Midlife Fitness for Women and I really enjoyed the topic, all the other instructors and the presenter Rhonda Mayes and plan to read her book Transforming U (The True Weight Loss Bible). I met an instructor there who works at a spa near Kankakee... they hire instructors to teach the classes they offer and you get to use the all inclusive facilities and bring a guest (or take wages) and are treated to a massage! Sounds like a mini version of the working vacation listed as #40... planning to look into it. :D

#29 DONE! Using Face Book for networking, thanks Susanne.

#33 Met with my friend and fellow instructor January 8th for lunch and discussed aqua classes... now at least I know a bit about the formats and the using the properties of the water. Most of the working vacations include AM/PM Yoga but some like an Aqua (or other) class during the day... not sure I'm interested enough in it to be certified, but when I'm ready to plan an actual working vacation, I'm confident I could put together a nice class.

#37 DONE! I have followed through with several leads for new classes and have picked up a new corporate noon-time and finally filled my two Tuesday mornings beginning this summer for the Woodridge Park District Program classes... I couldn't possible fit any more classes really and will consider rearranging my schedule even more to work at higher pay rates if things go well... so far so good. ;)

#41 Have been studying three work related books, Anatomy of Hatha Yoga, The Essentials of Yoga, and The Pilates Back Book.

#52 Out of pure necessity, purged some items from under the bathroom sink... isn't it amazing how the universe can give you a little nudge? Have you noticed how just about all the font under "household" on my list is still black? Well, I did and felt kinda bad about it when the pipe burst under the sink. :S Cleaned some of that all out... much hit the trash, some was salvageable but since I was forced to reexamine it... brought it to the White Elephant party in January... perfect timing (thanks again Susanne).

#59 Is almost done... got the curtain rod for Christmas but have yet to put it up. :S

#90 Gave away ten books at the media exchange party (thanks Susanne... Susanne really rocks)!