Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Job

#1. Having trouble keeping track daily asana *sigh. Still want to pursue this… but almost feel like giving up at ticking it off daily… what’s the point? Paying the five bucks to charity anyway for not completing it daily. :S
#3. With the end of daylight savings time around here, been considering getting up early to practice every morning.
#22. YogaFit level two is going to have to be pushed to early next year. Just can’t afford it at this time. The good news is the reason we can’t swing it… Amanda’s cheer squad is advancing to a National competition in Florida next month. Woot woot go WILDCATS!
#26. DONE! Re-certified for CPR/AED.
#37. Followed 4 new job leads… only two resulted in actually giving my resume (counting this as 2 of 3). Hey guess what? One of those leads got me a new job! Two noon time classes, close by at a high pay rate. Go ME.
#41. Studied some work related books. Ashtanga Yoga and The Language of Yoga.
#71. Suggested a night out at a casino for date night (#72) but the idea didn’t fly… wish things weren’t so tight right now. Things will look up… gonna keep pushing on. ;)
#74. Returned the book after about a year. Ugh.
#90. Set 7 more books free… some were bookrings… but still…
#99. I am now paperless! Five locations ALL direct deposit. Four locations on-line pay statements. On-line banking with on-line statements. What a relief this is… I hated managing all those papers anyway.
Also for #99, now in the habit of using reusable shopping bags.


Latharia said...

You are rockin' your list! And you already know how super-proud I am of you for getting that higher-paying job!!!!!!

Café Chick said...

Congratulations - you are doing soooo well with your list! Mine is getting there slowly ... but I'm still having fun working on it. :-)